Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Forward in a new year

Here it is the end of January and I have so neglected my blog. Where does the time go? Holiday hustle and bustle, finishing year-end work, commissions and paper work. Now is the time to look back and revisit what occurred in 2009 in order to look forward to 2010.

I traveled a great deal this past year. I actually drove, or rode as the case may be, from coast to coast beginning in the Spring, with a great trip to Hudson Valley, NY for an art workshop, ending with a visit to family in California for the holidays. In between were several trips to Wyoming to visit family and a niece's wedding in Texas. This year could find me traveling just as often, with two babysitting weekends in Wyoming for our granddaughter and a nephew's wedding in Texas already scheduled.

In spite of all the travel, I've also had a good deal of time in the studio. I sold enough work to make a small profit this year. I participated in several local and regional textile shows in Des Moines and Fairfield, IA. You will also find several of my works at the Perfect Setting in Marshalltown, IA. It's a wonderful gallery filled with a great variety of art.

In the Beginning
Sierpinski's Triangle Interpreted

Two of my art quilts, In The Beginning and Sierpinski's Triangle Interpreted, were juried into a show called "Art Meets Science", through the Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA) that will travel for two years. The first venue is Birmingham, England in August 2010 at the Quilt Symposium. I would love to be able to go visit them in England. I may travel frequently, but I think my work travels further than I do.

Currently in the studio, I am working to finish some things left undone in 2009, while sketching and thinking about new works. The visionings project through SAQA is still on my mind although my subject matter seems to be shifting. Let's see where this will take me by the end of the year. Show opportunities abound. It's time to make a list of those in which I think my work will fit, while the purchase of a new camera has me snapping away and viewing the world through a smaller, more focused, lens.