Thursday, June 26, 2008

AsThe Crow Flies

An old saying, as the crow flies. Implies a shorter distance from someplace to someplace, up and over. To take the road might mean a longer journey, but as human beings without wings, a necessary one. Besides, there's so much more to be seen and experienced when the road is taken. Isn't the journey the best part anyway?

My guild had a challenge in which we were to use two squares of fabric given to us along with a "named" traditional block. The block I was to use was "flying geese". I was given a piece of green and a piece of white. The only rule was to use the fabric on the front of the piece. It didn't have to be a large piece, but it had to be used. The dimensions couldn't be any larger than 20" on any side. Here is my unquilted and unbound top in answer to this challenge.

I pieced the curved seams from the top. I've combined techniques from folks like Laura Cater-Woods and Vikki Pignatelli and added a twist of my own, I believe. We learn things from others, and then at some point, we no longer look at our notes, and our samples from classes, but instead just do what seems to work for ourselves.

Now to finish this piece with stitch and binding.

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