Monday, August 4, 2008

As The Crow Flies

Here it is! I finally am able to post a photo. I hope it's not a fluke. After two weeks of fighting with this stuff, it just worked. Now I'm thinking it wasn't my computer at all! Sigh. Well, here's the finished piece. I decided not to put a border on it and faced it instead. The gray around it is what I put behind it to photograph it. I'll probably put it on a black background for more formal photos.

Currently, I'm working on a pictorial quilt that is taken from a photo of my husband when he was a teenager and spending the summer as a cowboy on a ranch in Wyoming. I'll post some photos of it in progress as soon as there's something more visual to photograph. I'm also learning (experimenting) with discharge and thickening paste with dyes as I have two commission pieces to do that require my painting them before I stitch them.

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