Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Officially Spring!

It's finally here! The season of unpredictability! Unstable weather conditions prevail. One day it's 70 degrees F, and the next, 35! Rain may give way to snow, or even thunder snow, while flowers begin to bloom. I have a small patch of daffodils in bloom close to the house. The iris is pushing out of the ground and the cuckoo pint is tall and green.

The bird population is beginning to shift. The junkos have gone and the dreaded grackles are back. In a couple of weeks I'll be listening for the distinctive sound of the Orioles. We will fill the feeders with oranges and grape jelly and watch for flashes of brilliant orange as they come to partake of the sweet treats. Much to look forward to in the next few weeks as the light continues to increase and the landscape changes from brown to green.

Warmer weather, more hours of sunlight, and new growth always energize me, both physically and creatively. Sometimes it's difficult to corral the ideas floating around. I try to travel with my camera and/or a small sketch book, but don't always manage. Sometimes, the tiniest little thing will inspire a thought process that takes me on a journey I never would have imagined. I can't wait to see where this Spring takes me.

Do others find the Spring season more energizing? Is there an increase in your creativity?

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  1. Sounds like spring here. It's brr today but perhaps up to 50 on Wednesday.

    I feel better in the spring about everything including my work(I've always thought I was part bear). Spring is my favorite season and my mood improves(it's the bear thing) and when my mood improves my creativity improves.

    Happy Spring to you! Would love to see photos of the orange birds!