Friday, April 10, 2009

The Satisfaction of Completion

I have finished the major portion of the commission I have been working on. The chasuble is the piece I had the mishap with the lining!! Thank goodness for reputable fabric stores who keep good fabrics in stock and will send things quickly.

There are two pieces remaining to be completed, and I will finish them in the next week. These pieces and three others were delivered yesterday. They will be used this weekend for the Easter services, beginning Saturday night.

Each time I accept a commission, I wonder if I've lost my sanity while I'm working on it. The deadlines do help me buckle down and get things finished, but when I mess up, it creates more anxiety than I like. And yet, when the piece is completed, and I see that the "client" likes it, I am ecstatic! It's all worth it, and I will continue to accept commissions. I find them challenging and great learning experiences.

I wonder about other artists and commission work. Even though it can be anxiety producing to accept them, the reward is so great when I see their face as the work is unveiled. I'd be interested to hear what other artists think or feel about accepting commissions.


  1. It's a lovely, lovely piece and worth the anxiety it produced. I worry so much with commissions especially those without specifics because you never know how they will be received. If I am any indication the commissioner will love it!

  2. These are beautiful garments! I love the simplicity (the colors) and complexity (all the piecing) at the same time.

  3. Oh, these are breath-taking. So simple, yet not. Congratulation.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! This would fit right in at my church, we have a crazy quilt from the 1800's hanging in a glass case in our parish hall. Thanks for sharing the work, gorgeous!

  5. Wonderful! I like the different reflections off the various fabrics.