Monday, October 26, 2009

The Changing of Season

The fall colors are wonderful and I'm spending time trying to drink in their beauty, to breathe the crisp fall air and soak up the little warmth the sun holds as it moves further South. That said, I have been productive in the studio.

October has been busy with local and regional shows, as well as a deadline for a juried, international show and work on several commissions. I made the deadline for the show, barely, but don't know if my work has been accepted or not yet.

This is a piece that is currently hanging at the Polk County Heritage Gallery in downtown Des Moines, IA. The title is Tide Pool. It shows the many stages of silk from cocoon to silk rod, silk hankie, and the woven background.

"In The Wild" currently hangs at the Fairfield, IA Art Center. This piece was done by painting with dye, then "thread painting", a free-motion technique with the sewing machine. It's an interesting process which I could blog about when I begin the next dye painted works I have in the schedule.

Then there are the small pieces. Exercises in composition, but also with a purpose. These, 4x6" pieces make great postcards. A first class stamp sends them anywhere in the USA. What better way to give someone an original piece of art?

As October moves into November with shorter days and longer periods of darkness, the shadows become stronger even in mid-day. While the stronger light of summer brings warmth and brightness, the longer shadows of these months seem to bring a clarity to the environment. There is so much to see; so much to wonder at.

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  1. Oh Becky I absolutely love the Tide Pool so beautiful and colorful and wonderful!