Monday, September 13, 2010

On Becoming a "Geek"

For several years I've been asked if I have a web site. I would reply, apologetically, that I did not. After wishing, exploring, and number crunching, I decided to try building one myself. I was going to join my husband in the "computer geek" world. Thank goodness it has become "easier" for someone without lots of training to build a site. That said, I couldn't have done it without SOME lessons. I signed up for an on-line class from Nicolette Tallmage of The Crafted Webmaster . I especially enjoyed her style of teaching using the webinar format. She teaches live so questions can be asked and answered in real time. For me, that worked well and the cost was reasonable.

I was pretty naive when the class began. I knew the learning curve would be high, but there are times when I think my brain hurts! Nicolette is a very patient teacher, however, and has created videos that students can go back and view as many times as needed. This has been a tremendous help as I've worked on my site. My website is a work in progress and I believe always will be as I add new works to the galleries. There are still a few things I haven't figured out yet, like how to turn off some of the default effects, but I'm getting there. In fact, I love a challenge whether it's problem solving in the creation of an art piece or trying to figure out how to make something work the way I want it to in a computer program.

So take a peek at my efforts so far at I'd love to hear what you think, and please let me know if something doesn't work!


  1. Becky, I hope the bad flooding in Des Moines avoided you. What a mess. Judy Haas in South Dakota

  2. I checked your website. Veeery nice--easy to navigate. Beautiful home page. Judy haas

  3. Nice Website. "In the Beginning, Detail" made me think of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream.'