Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is Spring Finally Here?

The snow has finally left the ground. The mounds of ice have melted and today we have rain. The daffodils are peeking through the mulch that has yet to be raked. Buds are on the trees and bushes. Winter birds are leaving or have left, and the summer crew is arriving. I don't expect any humming birds for another month yet, though. They seem to wait until there's enough foliage on the trees for camouflage. They are my favorite, so I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

My quilt, African Dreams went for a respectable sum for the fund raiser. I am pleased with the outcome.

The show that was up for the past six weeks, has come down, and my art work is now back home. It seems some things have drawn to a close, and new things are not yet completed. I am working on several pieces, but they are not in any state to photograph yet.

Perhaps in the next week or so.

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