Thursday, May 1, 2008

Small Works

Spring is finally here. The daffodils are in bloom and so are the grape hyacinth. Butterflies are about and the weeds are growing rapidly! Lots of raking and pulling yet to do. Feels so good to have my hands in the earth. The cycle of life begins anew.

Birds are active and singing in the early morning hours. Calling out to one another in their spring mating dance. All but the cardinals, who have partners for life. I think there might be a few others that do, but I can't recall them right now. The winter birds have gone and most of the summer birds have arrived. Soon the Orioles and humming birds will be here. They're my favorites. The birds let me know when the seasons change much more than the weather. They seem to know just when to show up and when to leave.

I've been focusing on doing small works right now. I've begun a series of birds in a 4x6 size format. I've included the first two here, a cardinal and a chickadee. Watch my blog for more. The goldfinch is currently on the drawing board.

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