Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Thoughts

In Iowa, this has been a difficult summer. Too much rain and violent weather. The largest natural disaster ever experienced by the state. Several towns and cities were devastated by flood waters. 4000 people in Cedar Rapids alone, suffered moderate to severe damage to their homes. FEMA is in the process of moving in about 2000 trailer homes for "temporary shelter" for those who's homes were destroyed. The University of Iowa in Iowa City with more than $275,000,000 worth of damage at last tally and they're not finished yet. The entire town of Oakville is trying to decide whether to try to rebuild or move the town. Some will leave and try to start over elsewhere. The cleanup has just begun. Iowans are a strong and resilient people. When knocked down, we get back up and begin again. This time it's just going to take a little longer to put the pieces back together, and with a few more tears.

If anyone wants to help, they can donote to the National Red Cross Disaster Relief. They're here with many temporary shelters set up around the State, even though they ran out of money weeks ago. Click on the link

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