Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Darkness and Quiet of Winter

Projects for Christmas are finished. Gifts are purchased, wrapped and shipped. I can finally relax and reflect.

There are more hours of darkness than light at this time of year. Snow blankets the ground and serves as an insulation for sound. In other words, it's dark and quiet. A good time for thinking, meditating, wondering. I think about the animals that hibernate through the winter months and at times, I wish I could do the same - when I'm cold and tired. Then I wonder about the order of nature - it's rhythm - pulse - cycles. Winter, in the dark and quiet, also holds the hope and expectation of warmth and growing things to come. Winter is a time to rest, to regain strength and build strong roots in order to emerge again in the light and warmth of Spring.

I would wish, with this holiday season upon us, that all of us could rest in the dark and quiet of winter. To reflect on the state of the world and all that has transpired in this last year. To find our own part in it, and to seek to be better persons in all that we do with hope for new opportunity and growth in the light of Spring.

Deep peace to all this holiday, with hopes for a brighter 2009.

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