Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Melting (or what a difference a week makes)

The sun is out and it's almost 50 degrees today! The snow and ice is melting. So I went and chopped away some of the ice and shoveled some snow off the storm drain in front of the house or else I was afraid the water would start to come up the driveway rather than go down the drain. I think it's about 3 ft. high on top and I could only get about 10 inches of the drain cleared. Made a huge difference though.

Then I went for a walk along the bike path behind our house which follows the creek.

I got some pictures of the creek and some weeds in the snow.

In my exploration of textures, I find the weeds quite interesting. I may need to enlarge this one and study it more.

I liked how the squirrel's next seems to have weighed the branch down so it hangs above the water.

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