Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ramblings and new work

If you look closely, you can see the thermometer on my back deck is reading -20F. The sun is shining, but it was cold that day. That was about 2 weeks ago. Today is 20 above. A vast difference, and a little break in winter. I think I've written before about how watching the weather in Iowa is a pasttime, but also a necessity. This is why. It gets dangerous. This is really not unusual for these parts.

It's probably because this winter has been so blasted cold that my mind is traveling to warm places. This is a new work in progress, called Tide Pool. I intend to build a shadow box frame around it and perhaps tone down the green background a bit.

It's made of silk and cotton fibers: silk hankies, rods and cocoons, thread ends from hand dyed cottons, shells, beads and stones. I have a second piece in progress as well. Just looking at these colors helps me feel a little warmer.

I've been trying to explore textures as well. The soft "hairy-ness" of the silk hankie to the stiffness of the rods and cocoons. Soft threads in contrast with hard stones, beads and shells as well as the irregular surface of the silk background all stitched to painted canvas. I think its an interesting mix and I'm enjoying this exploration.

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