Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why So Difficult to Write an Artist Statement and Bio?

What goes into an Artist Statement or Biography? And why is it so difficult to actually write them? I need to write one of each for an upcoming show. It sounds so simple when others say, "tell why you do what you do, and how you do it". Finding words for these things isn't always easy. Why do I do it? I have to, I'm compelled. How does one write about a compulsion and have it sound romantic? I guess it's a more positive compulsion than some others I can think of, so why not romanticize it? I'm working on that.

The biography is another story (literally). What does one say about oneself in two or three paragraphs that lets the viewer know who you are as an artist? What if I don't know myself? What if I just like making stuff and sending it out into the world? I guess the difficult part is pulling it together into something that makes sense to someone else. When it comes to my creative self, she's a little bit skittish. She doesn't like being tied down with words. She likes her hands in the "stuff"! So I'm attempting to reign her in enough to get a sentence or two out of her. Wish me luck!

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