Friday, May 22, 2009

Does Art Always Need a Title?

I've been thinking about titles and art work, and wondering if it's necessary to title everything. I know there are many untitled works hanging in galleries world wide, but the majority of my work is titled, and today, I'm wondering why I find it necessary. The meaning of every work of art is decided by the viewer. I suppose if the artist wants to lead the viewer, a title might be helpful, but I wonder if even then, a title really makes a difference.

This is a piece I just completed, with full view and detailed. It's hand-dyed cotton with thread, paint, iridescent gel medium, and dyed cheese cloth. I have not titled it. I'm wondering what others see in it, what thoughts and/or emotions are evoked in the viewer. I look forward to comments, and think I'll leave it untitled. At least for now.


  1. It's gorgeous. It has such a smoky, ethereal quality to it.

  2. Stormy Seas is perfect! Name and all! I like to name my work because it gives them a purpose and a life of their own(silly as that sounds). Sometimes the name comes early on and other times it's a little labored and harder to figure out! I never thought about it before I belonged to an artist's coop and I had to name my pieces but they do seem to come alive and it makes it easier to work on them if they have a name.